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When it comes to a brake service, Perth motorists can sometimes become a little overwhelmed. While every motorist appreciates the importance of properly functioning brakes, many are unaware of the common issues which require brake servicing and repair. However, by understanding many of these issues, you can correctly diagnose when your vehicle requires mechanical attention and save money on unnecessary garage visits.

Wear and tear:

This is the most common issue requiring a brake service. Perth drivers should understand that whenever the brakes are used, there is a great deal of friction as Brake disc Suppliers the components of the brake system push together to slow the vehicle. This friction will gradually wear down the components causing noise, pulling or vibrations when the brakes are applied. There are a number of components which require more regular maintenance and servicing. These include:

The brake pads: These should always be replaced in pairs. Even if you are only experiencing problems with the brake pad on one side of the vehicle, both pads will be showing signs of wear and should be replaced together. The drums: Again these components are replaced in pairs. However, if the wear is minimal, it may be possible for the parts to be "turned" by a professional service. This involves the drum having the rough spots and grooves ground away, but if the damage is deep, this will not be appropriate.


The fluid level in the master cylinder and brake lines should be kept at the optimum level and free from contaminants or bubbles. If the level drops too low, you may find the vehicle takes longer to stop and the brakes feel "spongy", too firm or too soft. Brake fluid levels can be easily checked by the vehicle owner. There is a reservoir for the brake fluid located near the rear of the engine compartment. It will have a fill line indicating full or low. While it is easy to top up the fluid, if the level keeps dropping, it is an indication of a problem within the system which requires attention.

The brake system will also require the fluid to be bled. Bleeding the brakes can remove any debris contaminants or air bubbles which are compromising the fluid. This can unclog the brake lines and correct any pressure problems, but it is a two person task requiring brake system knowledge.

Part failure:

There are other hydraulic and mechanical parts which can fail and need replacement. One of the most obvious is the master cylinder. This component is responsible for regulating and distributing the brake fluid. If this component suffers a failure, there will be insufficient pressure within the brake system and the pedal can be pushed down to the floor.

Unlike many of the components and systems in your vehicle, there is no typical interval for brake service. Perth motorist should be aware that their vehicle usage will determine how frequently their brakes will require attention.

If you require assistance with your brake service Perth vehicle owners should speak to us. We offer expert servicing and repairs including brake servicing and would be happy to help.

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